Questions related to RAK 831 gateway module for a given application

I’m exploring LoRaWAN communication for remote monitoring of Off-grid Solar PV microgrids in Indian rural context (remote locations). Its an outdoor setting and moreover its a plateau region. I’ve the following questions, please help me with the same:

  1. Are there any authorized distributors in India from where we can source RAK 831 gateway module?
  2. Can we use Raspberry Pi 3 to setup the LoRaWAN gateway using RAK 831 gateway module? Or can we use advanced versions also, like Pi 3B+, Pi4?
  3. Given that my application is for outdoor environment and for a remote location, I’d like to use a high dBi antenna. What is the suggested dBi? I’ve come across this: Does this serve the purpose?
  4. I’d like to connect the WiFi dongle (external) to my gateway, and I’ve come across this: Does this serve the purpose?

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