RadioMobile Settings Guide


I’ve been trying to do some predictions in coverage using radio mobile. However I’ve tried my best to configure it but it keeps displaying that I should get signal much further than I am with the setup I have.

I’d like to be able to generate it with as close to settings I have now so I can simulate changes in variables to see if the improvements are worth the hassle. (I might be able to move my antenna higher now but would like to know a rough performance metric before the materials and work is put into doing it.

Does anyone have what they deem to be correct settings and willing to share them?

You can take a look at this website: and specific the paragraphs about the linkbudget: . This will help you in the right direction. When it comes to model settings see thise paragraphs:

Cu, Remko


Well I’ve had a bit of a delay in getting round to trying again.

I’ve generated the following using the following settings:

Topology is slave / master, both units are members and at 2M Antenna height for the base station (It’s about 2-3M and I need to re-measure, going with 2M as a worse case, car is around 1.5M high)

Unit properties has both added at the correct co-ords,

And using the coverage calculator:


Generated map

And the coverage predicted is quite a bit more than what I’m getting. I’m trying to calculate it out using what I have now to have a visual ideal of roughly what coverage I will then get after.