RAK 2245 / 2247 - LoRa Concentrator boards

I was probably still half sleeping… :man_facepalming:
UTP and USB ports blocked, but of course…

Pi3 have on-board Wifi. :blush:

And when ordered from RAK the Pi will be a Pi3B+.

This is an example of a DIY project build with a RAK2245 concentrator.
in RAK’s own (new) online shop they don’t offer this product incl. RPI

To be more precise:
‘And when ordering a RAK2245 kit from RAK with a Pi included, the Pi will be a Pi3B+’.

And yes the enclosure on above DIY project pictures is not from RAK. :slightly_smiling_face:



I like to know, if the pi hat board will work with Raspberry pi zero w as weil?
The Zero usage would make rak2245 even more affordable.

Regards Thomas

Yes, it does, I have one running. Hardware - the 40 pin GPIO pin out is the same for all Pi’s and the code works as well.
CPU load hardly goes above 5%, so no need for the extra computing power of a Pi3.


cool, very good to know :wink:

which rak2245 you associated your pi zero with?

Pi-Hat, Stamp or 96boards ?

I start loving it as its even run with lora gateway os :slight_smile:

Thanks you :slight_smile:

I’m running the Stamp version for a soon to be released compact outdoor gateway. Designed and built my own PCBs as the Pi-Hat is too big. Will be released under the brand name of JoTo Systems.


That’s my gateway thanks for posting :partying_face:
it’s a DIY in 4 inch pvc pipe
Astonishingly the PI3 RAK2245 combination just squeezed fit perfectly inside the pipe without any other accessories
Testing and just making sure that this combination inside a pvc pipe under the sun will not get overheated .till now everything ok
and yes everything is done via wifi @bluejedi and connected to TTN
regards Mike

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and this one is coming soon !
very nice (and small) in combination with The Pi Supply board (beta testers wanted)

Here is a challenge. What is the smallest diameter pipe you can fit a Pi and RAK2245? Needs to include power supply, WiFi and a usable Ethernet connection.

Hi @TonySmith
propably i would go for a PoE HAT similar to
and on Top the RAK2245 so to avoid the power connection on the side and will have the extra ethernet connection, thus using the width of the raspi as a max pipe diameter
What do you think ? can you go smaller :grinning::wink:

Oh yes, I’m down at a 1-1/2" tube. This makes it very easy to top mount on a tower, side mount with clamps or bolt to a structure.

@TonySmith you are using pi zero No?

Yes, Pi Zero, Have been using other SBC boards as well but problems with availability. Mainly using PiZero for low power, which reduces the heat generated. I’ve had a Pi3 and RAK831 running for over a year in a DN75 pipe but there is a lot of machining to make up the fittings for this configuration.

Curious to see how this will look.

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Here is the RAK2245 withdrawn from the gateway enclosure with the top antenna section removed. The base can be clamped to an outrigger or be mounted directly to the top of a tube. Being modular the base can be extended to house other accessories which will be available in the JoTo product family.



Can’t wait for an opportunity to get my hands on one of these. Looking very nice!

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#me too :wink:

very nice board !

Nice work ,
you have a poe adapter with Ethernet inside too?