RAK 7258 (EOL) no longer working as expected. Antenna problems

I have a RAK 7258 Wireless LoraWan Gateway laying around, used for testing some concepts. For that purpose it has served me well. Until now. Suddenly the signal strengt were dramatically reduced. I opened the unit and found that the LoraWan antenna cable was loose.

After reconnecting the cable, the signal is still very bad.

Anyone with similar experience that can help me fix this?

Check all cables and Ant connections are tight (too tight, not just ‘finger tight’ and correct polarity/gender etc. Sadly if GW ran for a period with Ant connected it’s possible that the front end has been damaged as with no where to go (effectively no ant connected) all the transmitted energy can be reflected back into the front end causing latent or actual damage… Do you know why cable was loose? Is it a symptom of bigger problem or damage/mechanical shock etc? Try reseating everything… test defective conc card by substitution if possible.

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