Rak Gateway from Adafruit

I am using the RAK 8 channel gateway from Adafruit. I had it connected to The Things Network. I changed some IP settings in the /etc/dhcpcd.conf file. This disconnected the gateway. I reset the dhcpcd.conf file to original settings, but gateway remains disconnected.

My question is this: Can i Re-register the same gateway? By that I mean re flash the SD card and start over with the registration process? There is a warning that if I delete the current registration I won’t be able to re-register the same EUI.

Any other trouble shooting tips to get my gateway back on-line would also be appreciated.



but you can create a new one, hence TTN thinks its a new GW.
You can’t use your old EUI for the second time

the EUI is NOT hard-coded on the Rak chip?


No, not at all. The RAK just incorporates Semtech chips which don’t have any unique ID at all.

The EUI is perhaps derived from the pi’s Ethernet MAC or something, but you can override that in the .json files

However in general it is a bad idea to override it as it requires another unique EUI which many people do not have.

There is no need to delete the gateway from TTN and reregister, just performing any steps required on the gateway (and in the local network) should resolve any issues.


Thanks for the help. Gateway now reconnected by making some obscure change interfaces file. Anyone know a good tutorial on raspberry pi network connections that would be great!

Thanks again.