RAK10700 and GNSS position

Just getting to grips with a new RAK10700 tracker node which was supplied with solar panel but minus battery (the latter allowing the customer to decide on the exact capacity and type to suit the purpose, which was fine for me).

The node appears to have a WisBlock RAK4631 and that can be confirmed by double clicking the reset button which makes a drive appear on Windows when connected via USB. The details showing for me are:

Model: WisBlock RAK4631 Board
Board-ID: WisBlock-RAK4631-Board
Date: Dec 1 2021
SoftDevice: S140 6.1.1

Regarding AT+VER=?
The version currently installed is:
+VER:1.0.4 Jan 14 2022 14:17:02

The node is happily talking to TTNv3 and I have used both CayenneLLP and a Custom Script Formatter to decode the payload:


So far I am seeing battery voltage, air pressure, humidity & temperature using both methods of decoding.

What I do not seem able to decode is the GNSS details of latitude/longitude/altitude because it appears the data is not actually in the message! This seems a little ironic because the RAK10700 is marketted as a GNSS Tracker.

However the serial output log clearly shows…

                           +EVT:SEND OK
                                       +EVT:LOCATION FIX
                                                                           +EVT:SEND OK

…which suggests to me that the sending period is not too small that the valid location cannot be sent to the LoRaWAN server.

So I’m a little stumped what to try next to get the location included in the payload.
Perhaps there is a AT command or some other way of configuring the node to send a larger payload size?

Update: it appears the gps_1 key values are not supplied unless there is a battery installed :thinking:
I have just added a 3.7V Lipo Battery 1150mAh and I have had my first location fix in the payload data. That is a bit of a coincidence.
Just thought I would mention it.
Incidentally the battery I had to hand was 29.5mm x 47mm x 9.6mm and easily fitted in the RAK10700 box. A larger capacity LiPo could be inserted, possibly as large as 63mm x 42.5mm x 5.7mm (1500mAh) and that would only cost £1 more (on Amazon in UK)