[RAK2245] Adding more frequency plans to the gateway?

Hello, I already asked this on the RAKWireless forum but got no response so I am asking here.

I have a RAK2245 with a Raspberry Pi 4, Model B (4 GB RAM).
It’s working great but I have one issue.

Currently, I have a Dragino LSN50 v2, which I thought was not transmitting data regularly.

I contacted my supplier and they said that the LSN50 v2 communicates over the following channels and need to add them to my gateway:

  1. 865062500 (Already Present and work perfectly, can receive data)
  2. 865402500 (Already Present and work perfectly, can receive data)
  3. 865602500
  4. 865985000 (Already Present and work perfectly, can receive data)
  5. 866185000
  6. 866385000
  7. 866585000
  8. 866785000

Now, I know I can add channels using sudo gateway-config but once I make the changes, the RAK2245’s receiver stops receiving.
The RX LED does not light up.

I used the config below:

Is there something wrong with it? The syntax seems correct.
And what is the radio and should it be 0 or 1?

I am using IN 865 MHz to 867 MHz and the above frequencies are within my countries legal limit.

Please help.


I find the RAKwireless staff very proactive in responding during the working week, even well in to late evening HK time - perhaps give them a chance to rest over the weekend and a reply will be forthcoming.

That said, assuming you setup for IN865, do you have access to another node that you could test with - or can you see if there is any incoming traffic from other nodes? I have a fair amount of RAK kit and apart from a few translation gotchas, it just tends to work as advertised …

Oh right. I forgot it was a Sunday.
I am stuck in lockdown at home / office (they are at the same place) since the last 3 months. I completely lost track of what day it is. Sorry if I came off on the wrong foot.

Unfortunately, I do not have any other gateway. :frowning:
This is the only one and the first time I am using the LoRaWAN protocol for anything.

Yes, the RAK2245 is an excellent product, hats off to it.
It’s mostly something that I have messed up on my side during the configuration of the packet forwarder (global_conf.json) which is why I posted my edits to it.

I don’t exactly know which radio (0 or 1) I should be using in the global_conf.json either.

The RAK2245 receives data on the default 3 frequencies listed here:



865.0625 - SF7BW125 to SF12BW125
865.4025 - SF7BW125 to SF12BW125
865.9850 - SF7BW125 to SF12BW125

But I want to add 5 more frequencies to the above configuration, that I am not succeeding in doing.

Why don’t you simply use the standard TTN gateway config file for your region?

There’s not really anything unique about the RAK pi based gateways, so if you run into any oddities in the software the first thing to do would probably be to start over with a standard install on a new SD card in accordance with usual instructions for building a generic pi-based gateway.

On any existant hardware, the config file does not contain a list of channel frequencies (except in the comments) rather what it has is a list of offsets from two IF’s which must have their center frequencies strategical chosen so that they can span the desired channels. But this has already all been worked out for the band plans that TTN supports:

And bear in mind that if the node is using more frequencies than (a set of less than 8) listed in the TTN bandplan for your region, that may mean that the node is not actually legal to operate in your location. Typically a TTN bandplan would have 8 variable data rate frequencies (matching the capability of a single gateway chip) it would only have fewer if 8 cannot be legally supported.