RAK2245 connection

hey guys, I am having problem about the connection because before this I have hooked up my gateway at my workplace and right now I’m bringing it home since I’m WFH for few days. the thing is that I try to connect my gateway with just plugin the gateway since before this I have configure it at my office, but my gateway wont connect to TTN for some reason. I try to to access the “background” with using Putty using my gateway IP address but it just show “time out connection”.

Do I have to reset everything and setup from the beginning? or there is any other option… I really hope I don’t have to reset back my gateway.

P/S: I think its because it don’t connect to the Wi-Fi that have been set up to the gateway and I just have to connect with different Wi-Fi and create different IP but I still beginner so I don’t sure how to do that(that just my theory)

Hope you guys can help me,thanks in advance!

Hi ezzat – i guess you are using a raspberrypi with the RAK2245 ? power off the RPI, remove microSD Card and open the card on any Computers Cardreader – Then, mount your SD card with Raspberry Pi OS onto your computer and edit the wpa_supplicant.conf file to the root of the /boot partition of your SD card.

This method involves replacing the wpa_supplicant.conf file on our Raspberry Pi to provide our WiFi configuration.

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


First, you’ll want to create a wpa_supplicant.conf file with the following content. You can do this with any text editor. Similar to how we enabled SSH, the file will be used on boot to apply our new WiFi settings to our Raspberry Pi. Disconnect the CardReader and replace the microSD-Card to the Pi, repower the PI and it should connect to your local Wifi … When Back in Office you have to edit the file again with your Office-Wifi Credentials. Quelle: seeedstudio.com

yup I’m using RPI, I have to burn it using Balena etcher right?
when i first setup I’m already mount it with Rasp Pi OS but I cant check anything from the SD card, it just said I have to format the SD card, how can I check anything in it?

@jensileinchen hey, sorry it take long time because I have other thing to do but thanks to you I finally get to connect to other Wi-Fi using your method!
Thanks a lot!

thanks for the news and keeping us up to date !!! good work — #CLOSED