Rak2245 gps


I just started with Lora and i bought my first device to experiment:

Since the rak2245 has a GPS, I would like to visualise the data from the Gateway to an Application.

I am aware of TTN limitations. I just want something easy to start with.
I created an account on Tago but i don’t know if its possible to see my Gateway there.

Could someone help me with this please?


This sounds like a bit of a mixture of ideas. The GPS helps with time for the gateway but it doesn’t add to the data from the devices. It’s not expected that gateways are moving.

Which limitations of TTN are you thinking of?

As for Tago, it doesn’t connect to a gateway, almost nothing does, the gateway is a radio receiver that passes whatever it hears on to the network server it’s been told to talk to. Tago will connect to an application / device which is sending data through the TTN network:

If your devices have a location (from GPS or other means), Tago can put it on a map:

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