Rak2245, no join through this gateway

Hi I am totally new with Lora and all these stuff.
So what I did:
Installed Raspberry with RAK2245 HAT and indoor antenna.
I successfully connected the gateway to TTN
First problem:
If I try to connect a lgt-92 node through this gateway I have to get really close to this.
And the second problem:
I can’t join the TTN through this gateway. The “log” from device is empty
The log from the gateway show this:

Your screenshot is not showing an OTAA Join Request, but some uplink. It may be your device, given its “test” 0x01… DevAddr, but could also be some other non-TTN device. (As LoRaWAN is using a shared radio spectrum, you’ll see traffic that is not TTN.) Note that its uplink counter is quite high.

If it is your device, then it’s apparently not using OTAA but ABP. How did you register it?

And what does the following mean exactly?

Like: does it work when being really close? OTAA Join Request, Join Accept, and all? (I guess not, given your second problem?)

(Aside, the things you redacted in the screenshot are not secret.)

This device on the screenshot is the LGT-92 from me. I tried to connect it through another gateway nearby and on this other gateway it is joining and is onlline.
But on my gateway it doesn’t work.
So I get these “reuqest” on my gateway only if the lgt-92 is really close. But I don’t get a join through my gateway… :confused:

(Aside, the things you redacted in the screenshot are not secret.)

ok, the next time i will not disguise them :wink:

I am also irritated about this:
Network: Experimental nodes… what does that mean?

That is based on the DevAddr, which starts with 0x01 for that uplink.

But that 0x01 makes no sense for OTAA on TTN. I think you’re just too close, making the LoRaWAN packet being mangled due to oversteering of the radio receiver. Move away at least 3 meters and try again?

Once joined using OTAA, it will have been assigned a DevAddr that starts with 0x26 or 0x27. It should not need to join again, unless you explicitly make it do that; so you may just get uplinks without a new OTAA Join first.

Ok I will try that
Is it possible that the rak2245 is in an experimental mode? Is there something like that?

And the other question is. I configured my firewall with the gateway on a different vlan. I only allow the gateway to connect to the thethingsnetwork server in eu with port 1700. In the documentation I found this should be enough???

OK i think I have find out the problem.
I have bought the gateway from Amazon US with 868mhz. But today I have looked on the concentrator and saw that they send a 915mhz…

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That’s not good, but if the node is close it’s probably not actually your immediate issue.

A gateway card has no way of knowing what frequency band it is built for; if your gateway software is configured for your region, it’s going to operate on those frequencies. It will just be rather muffled in both transmit and receive as the supporting RF networks will be a mismatch for operation there.

Mismatched RF networks could mean that even if your gateway is physically closest, someone else’s more distant one actually built for the frequencies in use may have better signal strength and be selected to transmit any downlink reply instead.

That would explain one of my Problems …
Whatever, i can send the wrong Gateway back and get my money back to buy the right one :wink: