RAK2245 RPi HAT supposed excessive temperature

I’ve recently made my first experience with LORAwan by buying a RAK2245 RPi HAT and a T-BEam.

After setting up my gateaway on my PI I noticed that the heatsink was quite hot.
During setup, in my office at ~20°C (89°F) the heatsink was near 60°C (140°F)
Actually my gateway is located in my attic and the external temperature is around 15°C(59°F) so the heatsink is at 40°C (104°F)

I am quite surprised, and want to know if it is a normal situation
Especially because I wish this summer to deploy a final setup with antenna and case

Thank’s for your feedbacks

The temperatures observed are quite normal for this hardware. Nothing to worry about. I have similar units deployed in enclosures in full sun without any issues.

sx1301’s and 1308’s burn a lot of power.

You may want to open up the module and improve thermal conductivity from the actual chip - the heat sink is impressive but it’s not always well connected to the actual baseband computation chip.

thanks for your help,
I am therefore reassured,
I was initially scared because 2 days after sawing this temperatures, TTN showed my gateway offline (wich is an known TTN issue), but at this time I didin’t know and I imagined that my GW passed away…
I have just received my antenna so I will order an IP67/68 metal case soon
I think to mount it reversed, I mean fixed with the heat sink on the metal case
(with a thermal pad between).

As long as the heatsink is getting hot the thermal conductivity seems to be quite good.