RAK2247 how to modifiy or change SPI port (GPIOs) in raspberry pi4 (ChirpStack)

Hello all,
I want to connect my RAK2247 to the SPI6 port of my Raspberry Pi 4 witch has 6 SPI ports. Can you help me to configure this choise of SPI, In which file should I access to change this configuration? I know that SPI is composed of MISO, MOSI, CLK and CS GPIO’s but I am trying to choose the SPI6 to communicate with my RAK2247 LoRaWan Getaway.
Thank you

Errmmm…wrong Forum! This is the TTN Forum…see title bar above! :wink:

Also please do not double post - and provide full info when you do…your (hijacking) post last night repeats and didnt include this important (Chirpstack) info…

Oh sorry, this is my first topic. Yesterday I didn’t have the possibility to create a new topic, new subscriber. I changed the subject and the content of my question.
Thank you

See above… you need the Chirpstack support forums…

Ok, how can delete this Topic, I posted a new topic in ChirpStack forum, so I don’t need this topic here.
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