RAK2287 Gateway Module Testing

A RAK2287 Gateway module arrived today. Based on the new SX1302 chip the testing can commence.

I will post finding as the tests are undertaken.


Very curious about this, as I’ve been on the fence about getting one of these to add an open network to the west hills in Portland!

Hi Tony,

Coul you tell me if is just RAK2287 or with PCMI adaptor too ? I’ve asking you that becose my board is on the way too

Thx and good luck with tests!

That’s an easy question. Its just a RAK2287, no PCMI adaptor.

Ok … then I should get one PCIe Pi Hat or something like this from someware …Any ideea?

Quite interested to see results of your test.
Just a quick summary of the improvement, just looking at the datasheet, that you might be able to observe:

  • Huge power consumption improvement: on this gateway RAK is claiming something like a factor 4 to 6 depending of the traffic (always good to see on an always on product :slight_smile: )
  • 8 more modem: might be tricky to test, but you should be able to receive 8 SF12 + 8 SF10 at the same time on 8 different channel.
  • Support of SF5/6 : this one is not part of LoRaWAN and you will need end-points based on SX126x to test it.
  • There should also be some minor improvement on sensitivity compare to SX1301, especially for higher SF: hopefully this should translate in longer range
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A RAK2287 Gateway module arrived today. Based on the new SX1302 chip the testing can commence.

Did you get one with SPI or with the STM32L4 ?

I’m curious if the latter runs a version of the Semtech Pico GW firmware, or if the MCU is just another crude USB/SPI bridge.

Any actual findings on power (or as a result, heat)? RAK’s specs don’t show any difference in claims from the 2247.

Also unclear what the vague reference to the SX1261 are…

I’m finishing up a carrier board designed to host a router SoC module and an SPI RAK833/RAK2247 and trying to figure out what if any allowances I want to include to use a 2287 instead…

The sample I have is a SPI version

I understand there could be 8 versions of the RAK2287, There will be two models, one USB and the other SPI. Due to the RF filters outside the new SX1250 radio receiver chip, there could be separate models for 433, 470, 868 and 915. A total of 8 different combinations.

I do not know about a model based on a STM32L4, nor any reference to SX1261 chips. The RAK2287 is based on a SX1302 base band receiver and two SX1250 radio receivers.

In my application I’m not so interested in the power reduction of the SX1302 chip but more that it has 16 Lora decoders and can receive from 16 nodes at the same time over any combination of the 8 radio channels. That is provided the nodes are on different SF when on the same radio channel, ie Orthogonal transmissions.

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Is there some special place where the findings are posted and that I fail to find. Or haven’t the test taken place yet?