RAk7243 communication problem with LoRa moduleSX1276

I bought an SX1276 868Mhz LoRa module(RFM95w) from robokits and tried to communicate a simple “hello world” message with ’ The things network ’ . I used an arduino UNO to connect with my LoRa module and the library I was using was the arduino LMIC library. Since I am from India, I checked the frequency plan in the things network and found that the frequency range for India is 865-867Mhz. So in the downloaded Arduino LMIC ibrary, I made changes in lorabase.h and ttn-abp code for arduino-RFM95 connections. I edited the European frequency values to Indian frequency values. I tried using activation by personalization (ABP) for communicating with the things network. There was a gateway in our area and all I know about the gateway is that it is an RAK831 gateway. I tried to send the message to the things and I could receive the messages in the thing network. It all worked fine… Now I bought an RAK7243 gateway from Aliexpress which is a latest version of RAK831. Actually RAK7243 is considered to be slimmer and cooler than RAK831. The SD card showed a website where we could download the firmware.I loaded the software and the OS raspbian stretch lite in the raspberry Pi and connected the gateway to internet using WiFi. I used putty to access the raspberry Pi from my computer using a LAN cable. Raspberry Pi was configured for WiFi settings and I could get internet. I checked pinging Google.com and I got response from Google which means internet is connected in my gateway. I looked for my ethernet MAC address and made the changes in global_conf.json where I entered this MAC and the things network server address for Asia region. In the global _conf file downloaded, I could see the frequencies were the same which I used in my LoRa module library. SPI communication was enabled. Then I registered the gateway in the things network. I gave the gateway ID, checked the semtech packet forwarder dialog box and also properly gave the region, operating frequencies, location and antenna position and registered…The antenna used was rubber duck (2dBi and 50 ohm). The gateway was seen as connected with green symbol…each time I switch on the gateway, the power(Red led) will blink and (green led) also blinks for sometime (may be a few 10 seconds) and after that only red LED blinks. Now I tried the same hardware (LoRa module and arduino UNO) and the same arduino LMIC code, which I used to communicate with the gateway in my locality. But this time, it was not working. I didn’t receive any message in the the things network… Is it the problem with the gateway or my LoRa node? I checked for the status in the gateway using raspberry Pi command… It showed the message, gateway is active(running).Could anyone please help me to solve this issue?

I suggest https://forum.rakwireless.com/c/LoRaWAN

Thank you sir