RAK7244 LPWAN Developer Gateway don't connect to ttn

I’m trying to connect this gateway LoRa Raspberry Pi 4 Gateway with Enclosure - WRL-16447 - SparkFun Electronics to TTN. I already registered and downloaded config json. The logs show that there are many packets received but the gateway appears disconnected. Something little weird is the acknowledge percentage is always 0% in both PUSH_DATA and PULL_DATA. I checked that ethernet conection is working with the command ping google.com. Other entries in the forum fix this error enabling a legacy option while registering the gateway but I think this option is no longer available.

Thank you so much.

If you provide a EUI during registration and do not check ‘require secure connection’ you should be fine when using the Semtech packet forwarder. If you use BasicStation you need to check ‘require secure connection’.

Do your firewall and internet provider allow UDP traffic? The Semtech packet forwarder requires traffic to port 1700 UDP at TTN including return traffic.

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I provided EUI and didn’t check require secure connection so this part is check. However I don’t know if my router and my internet provider allow UDP port 1700, how can I check this?

Your two other posts and then opening a new topic has led to your own misfortune.

Perhaps mention the details of the gateway - no volunteer is obliged to chase after generic links that then need further reading to find it out.

There is much to explain - what logs, where are you looking, what makes you think the gateway is disconnected. The legacy option is most definitely available on the console, so which option where is no longer available?

You could ask your ISP if they block ports as well as consulting your router manual. Or tether your gateway to your mobile phone as an alternative internet connection.

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