RAK7249 accessing internet but not TTN

I followed the setup procedure closely that is provided on the RAKwireless knowledge hub for the 7249 and registered it with TTN. When I connect into the gateway, i see an actively updating GPS signal, and have used the diagnostics feature to ping various IPv4 addresses. I successfully ping many addresses with 0% packet loss, but when I ping TTN, it always results in 100% packet loss. The TTN console also shows “not connected” (it hasn’t successfully shown connected since I started setup a couple days ago).

I’m not sure if the issue is coming from the gateway setup side, or from the TTN server side. Reading other forum posts, it seems that many gateways have lost connection in the past 2 days, potentially from a TTN server side, but most of those are coming back on line.

Relatively new to this, so if there is a setting/function I should focus in on that I may be missing, I’m all ears.

Do you have a node sending packets that are showing up in the gateway’s own logs?

That’s really the first step; if you see packets at the gateway, but not on the TTN raw traffic page for the gateway, then that hints at the nature of a problem.

But there’s not a lot you’d see without a node sending packets.

The issue isn’t that gateways are not being connected, it’s that the web console says it’s not connected due to update issues.

Pinging addresses now-a-days has varying results as sites can easily run a firewall that would drop such a request - particularly as it’s the bases of a DoS attack.

The first port of call here is to look at the Status section to see what the gateway is doing - is it receiving any uplinks from devices, what is being shown in the System Log - the docs page shows some good examples of what to look for:


But as cslorabox says, ideally you need a known good node/device so you can see the uplinks from the device to the gateway to TTN console web pages.

Or a site is running on a cloud service behind a load balancer which is configured not reply to ping requests as is the case for the TTN services. (Seems to be a default on Azure?)

Thanks everyone. Here’s an update. I tested a node about 10m away from the gateway. When I log into the RAK gateway and inspect the status and packet page, I see packets coming in. For this test, I was transmitting every 30 seconds. On the Status page of the, it would gradually increase Received counts up to 5, then reset back to zero. I watched this through 4 or more cycles. However, on the packet page, it occasionally would transmit 15+ messages in a row without dropped signals. I’ve included a few snapshots in case that helps.

Still does not show connected on TTN.

5 received
Capture 2

These images &log files from 7249 gui…can you share LoRa packet forwarder page and is LoRa server enabled or disabled. Also can you share the ttn gw console page?

That pull and push are listed as 0% acknowledged indicates that whatever the packet forwarder is pointed at, be that the name or address and port of an external network server or an internal one or bridge, is not answering with responses that get back to the packet forwarder.

I’d check that the server address and port are correct, and check that you aren’t behind some kind of odd NAT setup.

In terms of the received packet counts climbing up then falling, this is probably either because they are per evaluation period not total, or because the lack of responses is causing the packet forwarder to periodically give up and quit, and then a new copy to be run by the system.

You need to figure out if the configuration is correct, and why you aren’t getting acks to the push & pull operations the gateway is aiming at the server. While they can move data, the pull / pull ack is also a type of application-specific “ping”… and it is failing.

The LoRa Packet Forwarder server address was incorrect. I updated that to router.us.thethings.network and the GW is now showing on TTN. I’m getting 100% push ack. I need to dive a bit deeper into the setup docs provided to understand all of the other settings, but for now at least it is showing on TTN and registering the node packets coming through. Thanks!
Capture 3


Please don’t post the same question in two threads, it’s not a good use of the volunteers time.

Andrew has replied on the other thread - the RAK install is fine, it will set the correct address if you select the correct region - but the image doesn’t have a DNS entry which you will need to add.