RAK7258 ID already taken


I bought a used RAK 7258 gateway, but unfortunately can’t connect the gateway to TTN because of ID already taken. Could someone help to release the ID (Gateway EUI: AC1F09FFFE00ABBC).


  "code": 6,
  "message": "error:pkg/util/store:id_taken (ID already taken, choose a different one and try again)",
  "details": [
      "@type": "type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.ErrorDetails",
      "namespace": "pkg/util/store",
      "name": "id_taken",
      "message_format": "ID already taken, choose a different one and try again",
      "correlation_id": "0fc42287ff524e99863cdc7014822c0d",
      "cause": {
        "namespace": "pkg/util/store",
        "name": "already_exists",
        "message_format": "already exists",
        "correlation_id": "7ff6f9cb59c243bcab1b18639a8dbfc6",
        "code": 6
      "code": 6

Thank you very much in advance,


This comes up regularly (weekly!?) use forum search… Gateway ID =/= Gateway EUI on TTN console. The clue is in the error message…

here you will find what you need

Thank you very much @Jeff-UK & @axolot.

I understand the differences between EUI and ID and I’m able to register my gateway to TTN using a ID =/= eui-AC1F09FFFE00ABBC.

The ID (eui-AC1F09FFFE00ABBC) is currently used for a gateway with the same EUI in Duisburg, Germany. Last heard in November 2021.

Will the ID from a not used Gateway released after some time?

No GW ID is immutable and once used never again hence opportunity to register with a new GW ID. Whilst the ‘system’ tries to be useful and suggests a GW ID derived frm the EUI (which can be reused of course) this becomes a problem if there is a 2nd or later registration. I find having a GW ID that is some EUI derivative unfriendly and cryptic and prefer to over write (as suggested by help (?) for the field on the registration page) with something more useful - say a location of decriptor - hseidel-gw-no1, or farm-north field, or farm-south boundary, or company-device-ref-location (might be post or zip code derived etc.) e.g. one of my recent ones is g-s3-ttnv3-testgw044-ttig-ng9, which at glance tells me straight away what it is without having to open or look up details: a test (vs production) gw for one of my companies, deployed on ttn community network vs private instance in the NG9 area of Nottingham UK, a Things Indoor GW (hence I knw indoor deployment etc. It may be that as not online it was a typo on 1st registratioon back in Nov 21 - less likely to impact if you create your own GW ID. Perhaps it was 2nd hand/previously deployed or a moved company GW? Do you know the devices history?

As the help says - get creative :wink:

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