RAK7268 external antenna

I have an RAK7268 indoor gateway and a 5.8dbi external antenna, With the default antenna I was not getting enough range so, I bought a new antenna with of range 5.8dbi one. I have configured the gateway to work with TTN, With the default antenna it is working fine

With the new antenna, I’m not getting the joining signal and no data
Every 10sec I’m getting this
for joining
Screenshot 2023-08-25 171401

Some times for data

So the Gateway works OK with the original antenna.

If the Gateway does not work with the new antenna or reports very weak signals that does suggest this new antenna is faulty or connected wrong.

Do you have a link to this new antenna ?

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Also, after one hour or so I’m getting, If I restart again no data

No, I do not have the link for the antenna, It is old one that I bought for my another Lorawan gatway

I would put the original antenna back on if it works.

In most places in the World, you cannot legally, increase the range of the Gateway by using a higher gain (better?) antenna. To use a higher gain antenna, and to keep the Gateway legal, you would need to reduce the transmit power of the Gateway which negates the benefit of the higher gain antenna.

I think in India we can use 8 or 9 db antennas because I have seen it in many helium routers around me

I have seen many people speeding on the highway, it still isn’t legal…

Most Helium gateway owners are only interested in gaining as much signal as possible to earn more. Not in staying within the legal limits, assuming they are aware of those limits at all.

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Hi @sahu9

I have a 7258 and 7268 and connected a external antenna. I can change it with a 3 of 5.8 dbi. But I do not have any problem with both RAK 's on TTN.

I placed them both in a IP67 casing. I do NOT use both outside, but with this extra coverage I can place them anywhere inside where is a lot of dust etcetera


Hi Marc, I also hab a 7268 that I would like to place in a dusty part of our house. I’m pretty inexperienced. Would you mind sharing details about the case & the antenna? I’d like to get something similar.