RAK811 breakout pinout

I want to use the breaboad to test my gateways coverage thats the main idea

Still unable to communicate with wisnode with plugged into arduino uno

I suggest the RAK forum :wink:

did anyone already try to connect the wisnode lora -rak 811- board version 1.2 to a raspberry pi 3 yet?
I am not sure about the wiring because.

Did someone use the i2c? Im trying to use it with a BME280 sensor but i cant,
I tried with AT command (at+rd_iic=0x76,0x60,0x24) and C Code:

I2cResetBus( &i2c );
ret = I2cReadBuffer( &i2c, 0x60, BME280_I2C_ADDR_PRIM, dev_buf, 24 );

Also i couldnt find some information about it in Internet.