RAK811 No response to input commands

(Woollettg) #1

I have this module mounted on a breakout board bought from AliExpress. I have it connected to a linux pc via a ch341 usb to 3.3v uart converter. I’m using minicom, 115200,8,1,N.
When I apply power I get “Welcome to RAK811”.
When I try to enter AT commands there is no echo and no response from the 811. I have tried adding CR & LF in the minicom options to no avail.
I can even reflash its firmware using the ST flashing tool so that says that my connections are OK.
This should be simple, what am I missing?

(Tim Everitt) #2

Hi, try using linux picocom with local echo and terminate with control chars…
$ picocom -b 115200 --echo /dev/ttyXXXX

… enter AT commands and terminate each AT command with ctrl-j

I have not used RAK811 but have experienced same issue with other modules.
ctrl-m might also work.


maybe a level problem ? the Rx/Tx lines should be 3V3

this a my (unsorted) browserfolder 811 dump :wink:

(Woollettg) #4

Despite telling minicom to add crlf it didn’t make the difference. I hacked up a perl script to make sure crlf was sent. It answers now. Thanks for the links.


difference between 811 and 811-N series

first I updated my rak811-N with firmware V2022

info and tool> http://www.rakwireless.com/en/download/RAK811-N/Firmware%20upgrade

that went smooth, just be carefull you select the right bin file


after updating connected to usb-serial sending some AT commands


to make testing (behaviour) more easy I’m programming 'function buttons and writing some testscripts
the results can be used to write an arduino sketch , or other mcu, later to control this module




sleepmode RAK 811 N at+sleep

firmware V2022

firmware V20226 (dev) :sunglasses: