Rak811 node Joins but no data is visible

Hi I can see My rak811 node is joining and i can send data to it but im not seeing any uplink data

This is what i see in the live data view

and this is the code

V2.0.x firmware

from rak811.rak811 import Mode, Rak811
from time import sleep

lora = Rak811()
lora.mode = Mode.LoRaWan
lora.band = ‘EU868’
lora.dr = 5
sleep (10)
lora.send("test message that for sure ")
while lora.nb_downlinks:
print(‘Received’, lora.get_downlink()[‘data’].hex())


I believe the gateway is seeing the raw data come in but im assuming its encoded?

it looks a bit like this i think

“data”: {
@type”: “type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.UplinkMessage”,
“raw_payload”: “QF/uCyaAAAAB9v5eW3T79HOt0yBzGSahxtCw6m92SJeZoiwyxIxQJg==”,
“payload”: {
“m_hdr”: {
“m_type”: “UNCONFIRMED_UP”
“mic”: “xIxQJg==”,
“mac_payload”: {
“f_hdr”: {
“dev_addr”: “260BEE5F”,
“f_ctrl”: {
“adr”: true

Any ideas why im not seeing the uplink data ?