RAK831 gateway with raspberry pi, AU 915MHz

(Yb) #1

Hi everyone.

I’m quite new here. so I need to check a few things.
If you guys can help, that would be awesome.

I live in Australia, so I had to adjust or changes some config settings.
I’m currently setting up Raspberry Pi Gateway with RAK831 Concentrator + Converter board.
I’ve followed this tutorial - https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/labs/story/rak831-lora-gateway-from-package-to-online and went well I think.

The first thing I want to check is the gateway status of TTN console.
It shows ‘connected’. in the ‘status’ and ‘Last seen’ updated every 30 secs but I couldn’t see any updates on ‘Received Messages and Transmitted Messages’ like the following.
and also there are nothing on ‘traffic’ tab.

Is this normal? or just no node available near my gateway?? or actually gateway is working well, but just any node is not sending to my gateway?
so my point is , ‘Received Messages and Transmitted Messages’ always shows ‘0’ if there are no available nodes around it?

My second question is about making Lora node with arduino (pro mini or Uno)
I found a few articles , but not for AU 915Mhz.
Anyone knows how to set up or some good tutorials for Lora arduino node for Australia region??

Any help would be awesome.

  • yes, could be that no node is transmitting within range of your gateway.

  • to be sure everything is working you must test yourself with a node in range.
    the only thing changes for an ‘australian’ node’ is some code with the used channel frequencies.

(Yb) #3

Thanks BoRRoZ!

I should start to make my nodes and see what’s happening in Gateway Traffic then. :smile:

(Madhuvarsha) #4

You can create a dummy node under applications and send the uplink message, it will be seen on Gateway as well as in Device data traffic tab.

(Gonza Cas) #5

Hi everybody!
Does anybody have any node script for testing an AU915 gateway? I’m in the same situation than YB1. I have a SX1276 868MHz-915MHz ESP32 LoRa Module



what madhuvarha means is, to test if your gateway is working you can simulate a device through the TTN console.

  • your gateway is connected, in the console the green led is seen and the GW is on the map
  • in the console create an application
  • goto application and add an device (node) … this is the ‘fake’ node
  • send some bytes to that non existing node


  • don’t use confirmed
  • don’t use port 0

to find code for your SX1276 868MHz-915MHz ESP32 LoRa Module I all ready gave you over PM some search info.

(Madhuvarsha) #7

If you select Device format : standard Cayenne data format to send the data, 0167FFD7, sending manual data will show Temp as below