RAK831 & RAK2243 forwarding packet but have no Acknowledge & GPS

Dear TTN-Fellows,

As always, I am happy about the nice support platform here and I hope you can help me. I have two RPI 3B+ LoRa gateways running on Rak831 and Rak2243. I have followed the latest installation guide:

The Gateways show up nicely on TTN, the signals are forwarded by the gateway and the received signal counter goes up. However, I get no acknowledge for my Adeunis Field Tester device. Using an LP1301 from Dragino, it works.

The Gateway also don’t get a GPS fix even though there are clearly GPS modules connected. That’s not such a big issue but the acknowledge error bothers me. Please see the logs for following commands attached:
sudo systemctl status ttn-gateway
journalctl -f

As well as an image of the Rak2243 gateway.Rak2243_systemctl_status.txt (1.5 KB) Rak2243_journalctl_f.txt (23.2 KB) Rak2243
Best and thank you!

Do you actually see decrypted packets in the application? Or are you just saying that the gateway packet counter increases.

Your logs do not show any commands to the gateway to transmit downlinks of any sort.

First try to make sure that TTN is generating such requests.

Jup, payload of my devices is decrypted and arrives nicely at Cayenne. I will provide more details tomorrow when I am at the office again.

Good morning everyone. I’d just like to notify you that it’s working fine now after readding the Adeunis field tester on TTN. The node was the problem, not the gateway. Now, I am just stuck with getting a GPS fix, which seems to be harder for RAK modules than for Dragino ones.