Re-register a TTIG

I am trying to register a TTIG that was previously registered to a different account. I am getting “Could not register gateway, a gateway with id … already exists”.

How can I work around this? Can someone that works for TTN purge it from some database?

Hello, I still need assistance with this. What do I do if the TTN console says a TTIG is already registered? I have the gateway with me if I need to somehow prove that I own it

Why are you posting in this topic with different user accounts?

You normally have to transfer ownership of an existing gateway to a different user account.
This has to be done from the gateway properties page in TTN Console from the user account that has initially registered the gateway.

My problem is that I don’t have access to the account that originally owned the gateway, I don’t think it exists anymore. There must be some way to re-register it? Is it just garbage now?