Re-register deleted single channel Dragino gateway not working

Hallo all,

currently I’m starting to setup a small LoRaWAN network by using a RaspberryPi3 with the Dragino HAT as the gateway. My Problem is, that the gateway was already registered on another account.

We deleted the gateway in the other account and now tried to register it in mine. But currently I’m still getting the message “Could not register gateway because its already used”.

Now I would like to know, if I just have to wait for TNN-severs to adapt and free the gateway or do I have to do something else to re-register it on my account?

Thanks in advance

and if you use a different gateway ID ?

sorry, forgot to mention, that we use the “legacy” code packet forwarder which is mentioned in different tutorials. Therefore the UID is fixed to a combination of the devices MAC addresses, which i can’t change

ah a 'Dragino problem … I don’t know if/when and how this ID will be released for re-use
* will ask for you

No, unfortunately that’s not possible with the current, the V2 backend.
However later this year, with the introduction of V3, it will be possible.

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