Reading uplinks from event stream instead of MQTT?

I have written an application that currently gets its uplinks from the MQTT stream. Data is converted and sent to another application that finally stores the data for presentation on a map. This other application requires an id, which I’ve stored in a device attribute. Once per hour, all device attributes are refreshed through the event API Working with Events | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

I recently noticed that any device attribute edit events also appear on the event stream. So instead of refreshing every hour, I could just listen on the event stream and perform the refresh only when something changes. This makes the effectuation of device attributes basically instant, and reduces unneeded device attribute fetching. I noticed that the event stream also contains the application uplink events (which I’m currently getting over MQTT).

I’m wondering now if perhaps I could switch over completely from MQTT to using the event stream, for both device attribute edit events and uplinks. Of course I would have to watch the SSE stream and restart it when it experiences a hiccup, but this is actually not that different from MQTT which also can get disconnected (e.g. during a TTS maintenance update)

Would this be a good idea? Am I overlooking something?
Anyone else already doing things this way?

In the early days of v3 general release I constructed a console events “lite” so that I could filter out lots of the noise. It’s all JavaScript but SSE seem to have client support in other languages. It works fine, is used occasionally to help clients see the wood from the trees and where the clapper is, but is as prone as the official console is to glitching requiring a reconnect.

Which means you run the risk of occasionally missing an event of any sort so I’ve never used it as the #1 or sole source of data.

And if you have more than one application in a solution, you have to link to each applications feed - whilst spinning up a new thread isn’t particularly an issue, the debugging can get a handful - like trying to walk towards the outpouring of water from a fire hydrant to make changes!