Recommended outdoor commercial gateways

thanks borroz , any personal favorites?

well … if money is not an issue… this one ? :sunglasses:


how about rpi 3 + ic880a board with outdoor casing, is that reliable enough ?

In case anyone is looking for a price tag:

@BoRRoZ whats your thought on rpi 3 + ic880a in an ip 67 outdoor enclosure with POE splitter ?

yes… a DIY build gateway could work too, why not … but that was not the question from the topic starter :wink:

  • this more 'affordable one seems to work fine too

no hard feelings towards self-built gateways :slight_smile: just looking for an off-the-shelf solution…

can DIY gateways be modified enough to be used as commercial gateways in production ?

you mean… have them certified ? :sunglasses:

yes, certifying the rpi based gateways.

I guess yes… but it will not be a cheap procedure

I have got the LorixOne on my roof. Works like a charm and is easy to install to a pole with some tyraps.

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I have the LorixOne also. Has been working flawlessly for 3 months now.

Why not the Lorank8 Plus version? We have a few of them already operational for a few years without problems.
the simple antenna is a good choice and the peli case housing provides sufficient protection.

What about putting an indoor commercial router in an outdoor enclosure?
I’ve done five like this: New gateway from Laird: Sentrius RG1XX

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I have a LorixOne as well. I think by the time you’d made a DIY gateway with decent IP67 casing, antenna etc… you’ll probably not be far off the price of the LorixOne anyway.

I do also have a DIY gateway which runs off PoE, it’s not outdoor rated though:

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I highly recommend the ones from Tektelic. They are telecom-grade and reliable. If you’re in North America it’s easier to get a hold of too.

Can’t go wrong with the Kerlink Wirnet: solid outdoor station, probably the most used gateway deployed by public networks globally. very easy to set up.

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Rough certification costs:

LoRa Alliance: 4K USD

Assuming the setup will pass without problems (which is in most cases not the case).
Sorry to discourage you. On the other hand, it’s good that there are regulations.