RED/FCC/CE Certification - Libraries and functions

Hi all,

I am developing a product using Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-078, that is to say STM32L072CZ + SX1276. I would like to get the CE certification (AKA RED

As explained (here : OK to design a product with RFM95W + LMIC?) one has to go to an official test-house with a finished product and see how it behaves in tough conditions (Electro-static discharges, RF power from 80MHz to 6 GHz)… The fact that the Murata module is FCC certified is a good point but is far from enough: again, the whole product is tested, with sensor(s), battery and firmware!

Does someone has some experience with those RED tests? More specially: is there libraries/functions/example sthat shows how to configure the LoRaWAN on the device in order to fit the tests?


Just to give a little more input on my own question and also because this test is mandatory for any ready-to-use device sold on the European market. Here are the classical tests of the RED certification:
o Electro-magnetic compatibility - EMC:

  • Electro-static discharges: the device has to operate as expected after few positive/negative ESD.
  • Radio-frequency immunity: the device has to operate as expected when an antenna is emitting strongly (if I remember clearly the frequency is shifted from 10% each try from 80MHz and 6 GHz).
    o Radio tests:
  • Checking that the device is transmitting in the right frequency bands, at the right rate, at the maximum allowed power…
  • Checking that the device is not emitting when set in measuring/receiving mode. In other words: the device stays quiet when not transmitting data.

Once said, one can see that the longest tests is RF immunity. A pressure sensor over LoRa for instance, should be programmed to measure and send data every 3 seconds and loop. Also, in order to simplify the tests, only the extreme RF parameter of LoRa are tested: maximum power, extreme bands (for region EU868, that has 868,1 - 868,3 - 868,5 MHz, the 868,3 can be disable), extreme spread factors (if using all, for EU868, only the SF7 and the SF12 are tested).

In my case, I would like to know what is the best way to set RF: one way can be adapting the EU868 by removing the middle bands, spread factors…

Any experience with this?