Register lora shiel and lora gps shiel equipment on the think network platform

Hello everyone, I am a university student, a beginner in this lora technology, I have a dragino v2 kit, where the gateway came, the lora shiel and the lora gps shiel, I have been able to register the gateway to the platform through youtube videos think network, and get it connected. The inconvenience that appears to me is when I create the applications to be able to register the equipment. Maybe you can give me some guidance on how to do it, I have followed all the steps in the manuals and I can’t register them.

Unfortunately this appears to be one of Dragino’s “single channel” things which is not compatible with, and not permitted to be used with TTN.

In Dragino’s revisionist marketing they call this a LoRa product, not a LoRaWAN one. And TTN is a LoRaWAN network requiring things that can actually correctly implement LoRaWAN, which this device cannot.

Please disconnect / deregister it from TTN. If Dragino intends this product to have any utility, they’re going to have to support it with their own server infrastructure and resources, they can’t use TTN’s for something that is just not compatible with TTN.

LoRaWAN gateways that support the full 8 channels are not super-expensive anymore.

If this is for a research or hobby project, an “indoor” gateway can be good enough and is a lot less expensive than a fully ruggedized/weather-proofed outdoor gateway.

For example the TTIG (TheThingsIndoorGateway) for about E100,- or the Dragino LPS8 for a little more.