Registering PiSupply IoT micro:bit Node

Dear all,

I try to add the “IoT micro:bit Node with LoRa®” from @PiSupply to my TheThingsNetwork application by using “register end device” but I failed.

unfortunately the “new” TheThingsNetwork seems to have other features as described in the video / website below:

@PiSupply hasn’t answered yet.

Does anyone have an idea, what parameter I have to use either in the “end device brand” (nothing to find for “Micro:bit” nor for “PiSupply”…)

or in the “Enter end device specifics manually” section?

- Frequency Plan: ?
- LoRaWAB version: ?
- Regional Parameters version: ?

Thanks a lot for your help!


You will likely need to take the manual option vs using repository….

Freq plan is determined by where you are…. E.g EU 868 with RX2 SF9 in Eu/Uk etc.

Try 1.0.2bfor phy….

Not possible, the micro:bit does not have a LoRaWAN stack which is what TTN needs for you to use a LoRa radio to communicate with it via a LoRaWAN gateway.

The PiSupply device is great for Point 2 Point, that is between two micro:bit’s or a micro:bit and any other device running a LoRa radio - but that is not for this forum which is funded to support TTN. As such it’s not something we support.

Please consider the environment when you put long titles and screen shots that show the default entry layouts - every bit costs energy!

Nick…. It’s RAK 811 based with LoRaWAN stack embedded….micro bit just uses serial IIRc

….can also be used for P2P mind you…. :wink:

Oh. My bad. Are RAK811’s still available???

There are still stocks of various HAT’s and accessories using them in various channels … perhaps inc PiSupply, though we dont know if this uBit version is new, old shoebox spares or even 2nd hand! :man_shrugging:

Thank you for your comments, PiSupply updates their instructions: Getting Started with the micro:bit LoRa Node – Pi Supply
Thanks again! Jan