Registering with the DevEUI and AppKey from the manufacturer

Hello All,

I am new to LoraWAN and TTN. I have bout some devises and the manufacture provided me with Dev EUI, App EUI and App Key for each products. However, I can’t use them when I want to create and application or register my devices. For instance , the App key can only be generated automatically.

Is there a way that I can register my devices?


maybe you can tell us first ’ what is the type and brand of your device ?

if you use search you’ll find more info about this subject

Many thanks for your response. It is a CO2 Sensor from Decent lab. This is the link to the product:

I have tried to find a relevant thread about this issue but I couldn’t find anything.

I appreciate if you can help me.

No. click on the pencil (on the left) and you can set it. Also in other places you have the same possibility, and you may also have more than one App EUI.

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@UdLoRa Thanks for your help.