Replacement Battery RAK7204

The ER18505 battery in my RAK7204 is only showing 0.67v - I need a new one - who/where has a source for one - I am not able to find one. I can find a 18505 but with no leads and JST connector.
Any links or sources would be welcome.

Because of a fault, my RAK7204 drains the battery after a few weeks. I replaced the Li-battery by 2xAAA. This works and is much cheaper than the Li-battery. Only the battery-voltage is indicated as 3.6V all the time.

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I cut off the leads of my dead battery and soldered them to a CR123 battery holder. I then put a rechargeable RCR123 in the holder. This still fits in the case and the case can be closed without trouble. The battery holder does not have a plus or minus indication, so I have to be very careful to not accidentally put it in backwards (I think that will kill the RAK7204).

Thanks for all the suggestions! - I did the CR123A battery and holder - my sensor is back online seems to be working fine - - sensor is reporting 3.57 volts RAK7204 Sensor - ThingSpeak IoT

same here - after some weeks running well 2 of my 3 sensors are running out of battery – also after replacement with an older battery (from Siemens S5) the sensor was back and seemed to be healthy - but today i checked the voltage ---- 0.7 V of this β€œnew” battery … i ordered some CR123A right now – BUT – does anybody found out the reason for this ? – the third sensor is fine since month … no problems at all until today.

//edit oky i found out while searching over the old threads here and in RAK that there is an software issue and all users are expecting a change with new firmware … thanks for reading