Request ack from a device

Hello, I have LORAWAN LIght Controller class C.

Is there any way in the configuration of the gateway to set a duration for receiving ACKs from the devices? This is because the devices take a much time to return the ACK

imho there is no need to set the listen-time for the gateway because it’s listening all the time. Only if it’s transmitting it can’t receive anything.

Hello What should I do when I send a downlink payload to receive an uplink ACK, because sometimes it does not arrive?

The gateway does not listen for ACK only, but for everything. With a valid CRC the data will be transferred to TTS. If the transmission of the ACK-datapackage is disturbed by an other signal there is nothing you can do. A datapackage with an invalid CRC will be discarded.
A possible solution can be to send the ACK twice, use a higher SF and make the ACK as short as possible. This reduces the possibility that the package is beeing destroyed.
Please take care of the FUP!

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