Reset count variable automatically rain gauge/reed switch connected to LSN50

Hi dear community,

I have a Dragino LSN50 connected to the TTN and a rain gauge sensor connected to it that works fine counting the pulses (reed swith, 1 pulse per 1 vasculation), but the problem is that Counts variable never resets, normally, a rain gauge works sending the amount (counts) and reset to “0” after sends the value of counts, each one time, but with this device, the counts never reset the value, just increases the quantity of pulses everytime after sends data. For Ex. if the rain gauge vasculates 6 times, 6 pulses, the count is 6, sent this package and reset to 0, after a couple of hours, rain again, this time, 3 pulses, so count now is 3, but tha sended package is 9 instead 3 , because counts varibale never resets to 0 afer sending the package.
Could yo please help me to know how reset the count variable from an automatic procedure in TTN or something solution in a programable way to set count variable to 0 after each data package sended to TTN?

I really value your help cause I try to solve this but sincerelly, I no have idea !
Please note that I know how to reset the count from an AT command with the device pysically connected to my laptop, but this is not an automatic solution, manually this is imposible to maintein…

Your friend, Michelle

they dont reset them incase you miss a uplink so you need to calculated the difference in count between time intervals

Thank you Piet…

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