Resetting WiFi w/o physical access

(Badryan) #1


I’m planning to change my WiFi infrastructure. Unfortunately, my Kickstarter edition TTN Gateway lives in a sealed box on the roof and is very hard to get to. Is there any way of getting it back into AP mode without physical access, like a Unix console and some config files? It has WiFi and I can interrupt power, but that’s pretty much the only things that don’t involve a ladder and tools…

Any hints?


(Jac Kersing) #2

If I recall correctly the gateway will revert to AP mode if it can not connect to the configured WiFi network after power cycle. (It will take some time before it does)

(Badryan) #3

Definitely worth a try. Thank you!

(Arjan) #4

Going into AP mode might have been removed:

But, of course, it’s easily tested. And things might be different after a power cycle.