Rest API to ESP32

Is there a convenient way to read data from the ttn data integration tool by an esp32 running arduino via the rest api. So far I could not find any detailed informations nor any example? Any help is highly welcome.

I am not sure I have understood the question, however if you want to use an ESP32 as application server you have to install a web server on it. While this is not impossible, it also does not make much sense - better to develop a real application elsewhere, and have the ESP32 querying the same application server that receives nodes data.

Basically I try to read the incomming data from a remote endnode via the data integration tool. As these connections rely on https and not http I was not able to fetch the data with a different esp module using the arduinoJson library. As far as I understand they only can handle http, or am I wrong?

I still do not understand fully what you are doing. What do you mean for data integration tool? If you mean the integration tab in the application console, it is for applications, not for end devices. You have to set a url on your web site that will be called by the network server, not the other side.

Sorry for replying late.
I hav a field sensor which is remote and out of my local wifi range. It is sending data to the TTN. And I have enabled the data storage integration. My goal is to read these stored data with another device displaying all the information from the remote sensor and other sensors. Therefore I need a way to get the data off the TTN using a http request. So far I can get the data via browser, but I was not able to find a query which I can use inside arduino IDE allowing me to authorize the https request to the TTN network. I?m not shure if this is possible, but for me it would be helpfull if someone could explain how to setup a querry including the authorizaion key.