Restore or delete access to Sandbox

I’m trying to access to but I’m getting
Unexpected Application Error!
at c (
at et (
at ao (
at Vs (
at xl (
at Al (
at El (
at yl (
at e.unstable_runWithPriority (
at Zi (
at qi (
at Wi (
at vl (
at Object.notify (
at Object.notifyNestedSubs (

Can you give context please also how does this relate to “restore or delete” per your chosen title - what were you attempting to do?

I’m trying to acces to Sandbox console and I’m getting this error. (I deleted the account couple of weeks ago and this is why I’m asking for restore)

Appreciate English may not be your 1st language but can you clarify what you think you did? No users have control over the TS Sandbox - administered by TTI. So you could not delete the environment! Do you mean you deleted your account on TTN/TTSSandbox? If so not much anyone here can do - we dont have access to account management/database and also suspect once deleted especially if some time gone by then a ‘restore’ not practical. Perhaps raise a support request vis the TTN slack (#support channel) where such appeals for help more likely to be picked up by TTI Core team…and you would then need to be patient :wink: