Retrieve data from tts

Hello everyone,
I want to know how to retrieve data from the thing stack and store them in a php my admin database? How can you help me? I used to be able to do it in version two.

Take a look at the you-tube videos from this weeks Things Summer Academy… there is one just for you :slight_smile: (atleast a starter for 10)

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Yeah, but it’s 3 hours 37 minutes and 11 seconds long!

But it does provide a FREE template for PHP that works immediately out the box.

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PS, lots and lots and lots of docs to be found for TTS - see link at the bottom of every console page. RTFM for the win!

Thanks for your cooperation, but how can I get that php template? I want to get a quick way and store my data to a database

For projects there are three main variables: Time, cost & quality.

Pick any two.

Did you look for the YouTube video from the The Things Summer Academy?

Or search the forum?

Or look at the TTS documentation?

Or, given that we have been told since end of January that we were moving to TTS, plan ahead?

Or searched GitHub for any templates for integrations?

If we have people come on the forum and ask for a solution without any apparent effort on their part, what do we become?

Many thanks, I will try to find it

I was hoping you’d tell us what you’d tried from the list above, but I guess the message has sunk in. No SQL but that bit is more about your preferences with connection method, prepared statements etc, but it does take the incoming message and parse the JSON:

I used to benefit from this link GitHub - robertlie/ttn_app_server: Retrieve sensor data from The Things Network and store it in a data to retrieve sensors data and store them in a phpmyadmin database, but now I want to use the same node.js steps again for the V3.

What? Are you kidding? Are you trolling us?

You said you wanted to “store them in a php my admin database”.

But you were doing it in Node.js.

If you don’t believe me, you can look at the link that I posted in the previous comment.

This was your first post on the topic.

You have now switched to asking about Node.js.

We are all volunteers on here giving up our time to answer, so we try to clarify before getting in to details. It is confusing that you didn’t mention the GitHub repro at the start and that it is using Node.js.

Have you asked the developer of the code you are using for this “interesting” mix of code about any updates?

For mySQL, PHP is a good fit so would be better for incoming uplinks as well as the display page.

Can you code the PHP and mySQL yourself?

Or do you need a completely developed solution?

I appreciate your helping,
Clearly I have config.js file and contains the MySQL user credentials and The Things Network (TTN V2) appID and accessKey, now I want to update the appID and accesskey with the ttn V3, can I use the api key instead of accesskey?
const databaseOptions = {
host: ‘localhost’,
user: ‘’,
password: ‘’

const TTNOptions = {

module.exports = {databaseOptions: databaseOptions, TTNOptions: TTNOptions};

What happens when you try?

Have you looked at the docs for v3?

Can you code the JS, PHP & mySQL yourself?