Retrieve data without an open port 1883

My Internet provider will not open port 1883. Are there any other ways to retrieve data from my applications to Node-red

Try port 8883

Unfortunately this is closed too

You will need to sort out your ISP.

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We have seen similar issues in the past where ISP’s have blocked port 1700……… remind them it is not their job to sensor the inter webs and insist on having it open! If they decline again ask for full disclosure - technical and commercial - as to why they insist on keeping closed. (With 1700 many found ISPs used excuse (especially on ‘consumer’ connections) that it was a port often used by remote control/monitoring scammers to dupe users….yes, but same could also be used to remotely manage and provide PC/IT support to distant family members, friends, elderly relatives etc. ….or connect Gateways! And the scammers can turn any port or connection into a scammy weapon so argument didn’t hold) Basically make a nuisance such that it is easier for them to keep you happy than keep blocked……if they have a user forum raise the issue there, seems to work for some frustrated TTN users……if there is equivalent to say TrustPilot in your local market flag poor services & low star ratings (may impact their future prospects of getting new customers so again easier to open than block :wink: ), try a vlan/proxy service, and ultimately if no progress vote with your feet and move ISP! (Again increasingly competitive market so if they loose biz then more inclined to open up…) If you are under contract and they try to charge a cancellation fee go back to 1st point and say no as not providing a service fit for purpose or that meets your requirements, unless they are constrained by local laws/legal filters they are selling internet connectivity not just that bit of the internet that they may happen to deem commercially/technically of interest to them! Sadly in some parts of the world state ownership and/or state control/sensor ship may limit options though….

I did not really get any answer to my question: Are there any other ways to retrieve data from my applications to Node-red.
Both my ISP and Fibre Operator claims, that port 1883 should be open even if a Port Check shows that it is closed. I have tried two different ISP’s, and many other things, but now I have given up.

If your node-red has a public IP address you can use a webhook to have TTN push the data to a url. I’m using that mechanism to get the data into node-red running in the cloud. (You should be able to run node-red in the cloud for free at several cloud providers as a minimal VM suffices)

How did you check?

I have uses several Port Chekers i.e.