Retrieving historical data


Looking for some help!

We unfortunately lost our last 30 days of Data on a project due to an issue on AWS.

Is it possible to upgrade to the paid tier and retrieve historical data?


Simply put no - if higher tier were in place then possibly but nearest option for TTN/free tier is Data Storage which typically allows around 24hrs recovery - but only if enabled, you cant turn it on after the fact and recover prior data…if the last 30 days were not already set to stream to a storage location of your choice then afraid The Tardis Network is out of options…what’s gone is gone. No back up on AWS? Remember you can have multiple TTN integrations in place so step one for you may be to look at adding additional integrations to give you back up options for the future…

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What do Amazon have to say?

Or is that code for “finger trouble caused a delete command to be issued”?

As Jeff suggests, having a web hook to throw data in to a totally separate server is always a good idea. This works well: TheThingsStack-Integration-Starters/WebHook-to-Tab-PHP at main · descartes/TheThingsStack-Integration-Starters · GitHub - you just need some webspace (that’s not on the same host as your may system), it requires zero configuration, just add it to the application.