Retry uplinks

Good Morning,

I have a problem when transmiting with OTAA. I see in TTN console that all my links are “retry”.


Can anyone explain me why? And how can I solve it?

Thank you in advanced

You have a more basic issue you need to solve first. An OTAA device should join once and keep the information. Not join every time it needs to send an uplink.

You can only join 64k times (under ideal circumstances) and each join requires a gateway to transmit (and gateways can not receive while transmitting) so please fix this ASAP.

The device joins every time it sends and uplink because I remove the power from the module after transmitting. Do you mean the retry flag is beacuse of the excess of joins?

We don’t know, but cycling the power on a device configured for OTAA is not part of the design, requires a gateway to send a transmission, blocking it from hearing any other uplinks and is basically not good.

Please use ABP whilst you are testing. Then we can work on any retry issues.

Cycling power without memory won’t work for ABP either, as it will lead to illicit frame counter re-use.

Basically a LoRaWAN node is required to remember what it’s done before. Forgetting is not an option.

Just during development? Or is this a permanent design feature? If permanent you have a fatal design issue which must be addressed.
The first packet after a join more often shows retry, nothing to worry about if the next messages (which should have a counter values > 1) doesn’t have it set as well.