Reuse the deleted Gateway

I deleted a gateway and trying to reuse the same with the same EUI : 2CF7F11141100002 when i try to register it i get a error message already exist. How can i use he gateway now

By reading the error message carefully and then choosing a new ID which doesn’t contain the EUI. Or by searching for the error message on the forum and reading the replies. This question comes up every few weeks or more often.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to register it now with the correct EUI with different ID.

Now the problem is the Gateway is showing other cluster instead of connected. Do you have any idea on this

Sorry, never encountered that issue. @descartes are you familiar with this?

Yes, but only when I’ve confused the browser by being logged in to another cluster in another tab.

Usually you just need to change the cluster address for the gateway as seen on the overview page to the one you were expecting to be using for the appropriate region.

I set the SenseCAP loraWAN gateway server address to be :

followed by the ttn server address as : with the corresponding frequency plans, the model that i am using is LoRa-G-915-E/4G. The region i am at is North America.

Still i see the status as other cluster.

Why that address?

I can quite imagine, it’s not one used by TTN, see:

NB, you can’t make up a random tenant either, if you are on TTN leave that empty and just use the Sandbox addresses

@descartes Thank you. It works now.