RHF0M301 Raspberry Pi with Basics Station

Trace the circuit between the reset pin on the rhf0m301 and the RPi pin to make absolutely certain that you have the correct pin number.

If that is correct, you might try adjusting the speed of the SPI bus down to a lower level. I’m using an RPi 3B+. Is the RPi 4 SPI bus faster?

Note that while miswiring or SPI clock issues could cause the concentrator not to operate, neither can explain the software error of the reset script itself.

That script would work just fine on a properly configured pi that didn’t have any concentrator attached at all, it’s the next stage of trying to actually talk to the concentrator where a wiring or signal integrity issue would present itself.

Checking that the pin wasn’t reserved in the boot config for another purpose was a good idea.

Beyond that, I personally would make sure I’d disabled any autorun of the gateway software, then reboot the pi, and try manually doing what the script does while checking to see if the /sys/class/gpio/gpio7 directory gets created and lets me manipulate the IO settings.

my list doesn’t has this directory

And my gpio is just like this


Then you’re in a position to try manually exporting it.

If the directory already existed, it would be already exported.

Hi, This is what I see on my Pi. Note that gpio-7 is not listed as spi0 CS1, and I only have gpio-8 as spi0 CS0

pi@salemfarms2:~ $ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio
gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-53, parent: platform/3f200000.gpio, pinctrl-bcm2835:
 gpio-8   (                    |spi0 CS0            ) out hi ACTIVE LOW
 gpio-29  (                    |led0                ) out lo

gpiochip1: GPIOs 504-511, parent: platform/soc:firmware:expgpio, raspberrypi-exp-gpio, can sleep:
 gpio-506 (                    |led1                ) out lo ACTIVE LOW
pi@salemfarms2:~ $

and this is the end of my config.txt file


pi@salemfarms2:/boot $

This is after adding the dtoverlay=spi0-1cs in the [all] section at the end of the /boot/config.txt file on a Pi4

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio
gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-57, parent: platform/fe200000.gpio, pinctrl-bcm2711:
 gpio-0   (ID_SDA              )
 gpio-1   (ID_SCL              )
 gpio-2   (SDA1                )
 gpio-3   (SCL1                )
 gpio-4   (GPIO_GCLK           )
 gpio-5   (GPIO5               )
 gpio-6   (GPIO6               )
 gpio-7   (SPI_CE1_N           )
 gpio-8   (SPI_CE0_N           |spi0 CS0            ) out hi ACTIVE LOW
 gpio-9   (SPI_MISO            )
 gpio-10  (SPI_MOSI            )
 gpio-11  (SPI_SCLK            )
 gpio-12  (GPIO12              )
 gpio-13  (GPIO13              )

Note that gpio-7 does not have

|spi0 CS1            ) out hi ACTIVE LOW

And what happens when you try to manually export and operate the GPIO after a fresh boot when the script has never run?