RN 2483A Frame counter resets randomly

Hi there.
I’am running Lora node with RN 2483A on Arduino mega based on JPMeiers library.
I have a problem probably with frame counter resseting itself randomly?!

Short description: Arduino program initializes radio and than in the loop sends GPS longitude and latitude each 20s by function myLora.tx.
When i choose Join by ABP to TTN : everything works and messages arrive correctly untill frame counter resets itself than i have of course no information in my app on TTN until frame counter reaches.

When i choose to join by OOTA it joins correctly but there is a problem because i correctly receive only around 5-7 payloads, next ones arrive randomly after few minutes or even hours.

After resetting device the same thing happens. After changing time between messages to bigger, it maybe gets two more payloads correctly and than same thing happens.

Am i missing something? did anyone had this problem with RN?
Seems like a problem with randomly resseting frame counter


First, you are transmitting more often than you really should, that may not be causing specific problems yet but it could well in the future. If your application needs that, LoRaWan (or at least TTN) is probably not the right solution.

Next, in OTAA mode if you end up doing a (fully) new join, then yes the sequence counter will reset. So seeing if join requests and accepts are being sent would be one thing. Another might be seeing if you are getting some kind of brownout and reboot behavior.

Ultimately this is the kind of thing you need to investigate with both node-side logs and network logs.

Firstly, thank You for Your response.

W.r.t transmitting, yes I understand that - for now I used this setting as it makes testing possibilities easier and shorter, as we just broadcast for couple of minutes as we test.

When it comes to OTAA it sends only one join request as radio initializes, and connects well but then it stops working after few correct packets, but maybe I don’t understand something and have to dig deeper into the library, do I have to rejoin RN each few packets? I thought that I join once and packets should now be broadcasted until I decide to rejoin for some reason.

hmmm maybe I have to look more into the power supply from Arduino to RN and check if it is reliable enough but looking over the internet projects that does not seem to be an issue.

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