RN2483 firmware release 1.05 (23/1/19)

(Jezd) #1

Only spotted one mention, here are the release notes on RN2483 firmware 1.05


1.0.5 Release (LoRaWAN specification V1.0.2)
-Fixed - Large length packets
	 Fcnt rollover issue
Feature - Added support for Class C (use with command - "mac set class c"; to revert to class A use "mac set class a")
        - Added support for RSSI (radio get rssi) command
        - Added support for Block Link Adr, additional command support (1.0.2 spec requirements)
	- Added support for Join duty cycle (based on the hour of operation)
	- Added support for "radio rxstop" to enable firmware to stop continuous receive mode


que ? :sunglasses:

(Jezd) #3

Guessing it limits number of joins permitted per hr?


or avoid congestion in busy hours ? have to search a bit first I think :sunglasses:

(Remko) #5

Has anyone tried using vesrion 1.0.5?
When I use 1.0.5 the RN2483 is no longer joining with the same credentials and the same sketch as before. I use 1.0.5 in combination with the TTN library in Arduino.
When I revert to 1.0.3 all is OK again.
when I look at the update log I see no reason for a malfunction.

(Jreiss) #6

Join Backoff duty-cycle defined in LoRaWAN limits join attempts when network is not responding.

0-1 hours 1%
1-11 hours 0.1%
11+ hours 0.01%

At 0.01% there is 8.64s time-on-air every 24 hours.