RN2483 firmware release 1.05 (23/1/19)

(Jezd) #1

Only spotted one mention, here are the release notes on RN2483 firmware 1.05


1.0.5 Release (LoRaWAN specification V1.0.2)
-Fixed - Large length packets
	 Fcnt rollover issue
Feature - Added support for Class C (use with command - "mac set class c"; to revert to class A use "mac set class a")
        - Added support for RSSI (radio get rssi) command
        - Added support for Block Link Adr, additional command support (1.0.2 spec requirements)
	- Added support for Join duty cycle (based on the hour of operation)
	- Added support for "radio rxstop" to enable firmware to stop continuous receive mode


que ? :sunglasses:

(Jezd) #3

Guessing it limits number of joins permitted per hr?


or avoid congestion in busy hours ? have to search a bit first I think :sunglasses:

(Remko) #5

Has anyone tried using vesrion 1.0.5?
When I use 1.0.5 the RN2483 is no longer joining with the same credentials and the same sketch as before. I use 1.0.5 in combination with the TTN library in Arduino.
When I revert to 1.0.3 all is OK again.
when I look at the update log I see no reason for a malfunction.

(Jreiss) #6

Join Backoff duty-cycle defined in LoRaWAN limits join attempts when network is not responding.

0-1 hours 1%
1-11 hours 0.1%
11+ hours 0.01%

At 0.01% there is 8.64s time-on-air every 24 hours.

(Dx2) #7

I updated both, RN2903 and RN 2483 to 1.0.5.

Be aware that the mac get status bits positions are shifted compared to older firmware versions:
the mac state bits are 0-3 (were 1 - 3 before, one more now) now and join status is at bit 4. all other positions have been shifted by one position. So if you rely on the mac status register this must be taken into consideration in the application firmware. Alas, this change was not mentioned in the changelog.

I also noticed slower communication with the modules compared to the previous firmware version. I haven’t taken a energy profile yet but it probably looks worse.

I see the RN2483 1.0.5 firmware freezing on the second transmission try. After sending the payload with
mac tx cnf 1 00\r\n
I get ‘ok’ and then nothing happens. No command will be processed/answered until after a hardware reset. This does not happen with RN2903 1.0.5. Going back to 1.0.4 helped.

By the way, what’s the meaning of ‘Block Link Adr’ ? I cannot find anything about it.