RN2483 firmware updater


This is normal, the Arduino IDE picks the first SAMD M0 board in your list.
It used to be the Explorer, now it’s the SARA. If you install the Arduino M0 Board files, the board suddenly is a Arduino Zero.

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(Paul Stewart) #22

OK thanks got it updated - here are my experiences.

Once I updated board files to 1.6.19 (latest at the moment) - board identified as SARA and firmware updater worked.

But to using the simple example for the explorer (from the Sodaq page) results in

Network Connection failed!
There was no response from the device.

I rolled back through the board file version until 1.6.15 where it not only started to identify the board as an Explorer again (on a different com port) but also connected to the network - after lots of unsuccessful tries.

I then also rolled back the Sodaq_RN2483 library back a version to 1.0.10 and instant connection again and again after each reset of the board.

So for me with a fairly old Rev5b board - the combination of Board 1.6.15 and Library 1.0.10 works for me