RN2483 firmware updater


Hi Everyone,

At SODAQ one of the engineers had a novel idea to simplify the firmware updating of the RN2483.
Instead of using a programmer or the java based tool Microchip provides, you can now upload an Arduino sketch that parses the HEX file and writes it to the RN2483. It takes about 30 seconds.

We tested it and it works well on the SODAQ Autonomo, SODAQ ONE and the SODAQ ExpLoRer.

We have published this tool on Github. We’d like to hear your feedback!


Hi JanWillem,

Thank you for this user-friendly method.

I’ve just tested the Firmware updater several times on a Sodaq Autonome but sorry, this doesn’t work for me, not in application mode, neither in bootloader mode.
Compile and upload was done without problems but the update process went wrong.

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Since Microchip never published an Aussie firmware we have never had a chance to play with the RN2XXX modules in the past. However, lately there has been some movements and we might be able to get our hands on some files soon.

While I am waiting to get my hands on the Tindie RN2903 breakout boards, I’ll fire away and ask the Nooby questions.

Does you solution work for RN2903, you reckon? afaik RN2903 and 2483 are quite similar in many ways.

We don’t have any of SODAQ products but we do have couple of UNOs lying around in R&D (and an Stalker). Did you give any of them a go in your experiment? (my guess is no, or you would’ve mentioned it but wouldn’t hurt asking :slight_smile:)




Hi Guys,

This upload program only works on Arduino boards with the SAMD chip.
We have developed the program for the SODAQ ONE. We have added the support for the SODAQ ExpLoRer and SODAQ Autonomo + LoRaBee in the next version. We will push it to our public github tonight.

To let it work for the Autonomo we added the BEE_VCC pin to enable the power on the bee socket.

The program will NOT work on the Things UNO and NOT on the SODAQ Mbili because it is written for the SAMD chips.
Yes it works on both RN modules, but only when you use a micro controller with a SAMD chip like the Arduino Zero or SODAQ Autonomo.

If you still get the message: “The module did not respond”
Give the board an power cycle. Disconnect the usb cable for 10 seconds and re-open the serial monitor.

Jan van Loenen


Thank you Jan!

I modified the sketch and now it’s working :slight_smile:


(Lievekr) #6

Hi Jan, Is it possible to use this on the SODAQ Mbili board ?



The programm is written for the Cortex M0 chip.
Maybe a friend of you has an Autonomo?

Best regards,

(Mroig) #8

Hi, I have a MKL82Z128 mcu, would be possible to upgrade the RN2483 module via UART? (without using java application or an evaluation board like Mote)



absolutely, it is possible
I forked the Sodaq Firmware Updater a couple of days ago, and I made some changes to be able to upgrade my RN2483 soldered on my ESP8266 RN2483 Shield, on other Arduino Zero boards and on ESP32.

Should be a good starting point, here is the repo, many thanks from Sodaq sharing original code


FYI, has been updated with version 1.0.3 for RN2903 US modules, looks like Sodaq Official has not been pushed to this version yet

(Radhoo) #11

You can do the update via a simple serial 2 usb device, what can be easier than that? Here’s a tutorial: https://www.pocketmagic.net/rn2483-rn2903-firmware-upgrade-guide/


see also HowTo: Update RN2483 Firmware on 'The Things Node'

(Remko) #13

And another successfull upgrade:


(Paul Stewart) #14

This may be a stupid question - but when it says all you have to do is upload a sketch…

What sketch is it? - I dont see any INO files in that repository

I have a Sodaq Explorer that isnt playing the game at the moment - and want to upgrade the firmware on it.



Hi @Paul_Stewart,

You can find the sketch on GitHub.

Let me know if you have any question about updating the RN Firmware.

Best regards,

(Paul Stewart) #16

Thanks :+1:, it was a stupid question - just didn’t open my eyes and missed it - long day at work

(Paul Stewart) #17

Unfortunately for this Sodaq Explorer it stalls and doesn’t go any further at “Hex file image verification successful!”

and in Bootloader mode I get the “Module did not respond” message.

I have an RN2903 module and trying to use HexFileImage2903AU_097rc7.h

Any hints to try?



Hi @Paul_Stewart,

This is a known issue.
Update your IDE to the latest version and also the SODAQ Board files.
You may have to update to the new download url, see:

Best regards,


what sometimes also helps is lower the speed to… very low :sunglasses:

(Paul Stewart) #20

OK I will give that a go, when I have used the latest version of board files, an Explorer is recognised on USB as a SARA - not sure if this effects communication with the board