RN2483 now supporting Class C: what does that mean for TTN?

Continuing the discussion from Microchip released RN2483 library code:

But how would one use that…?

Support for Class C devices is on our TODO list. I don’t have an ETA for you.

The very nice things about Class C is that no uplinks are required to trigger a possible downlink, and that multicast is supported. So: less waste of air time and backend computing power. But still then, downlinks are always expensive for gateways, and without an uplink to trigger it, TTN would not even know which gateway is the best to use for the downlink?

So I’d guess that for Class C one cannot expect the number of downlinks to be (much) greater than the maximum of 10 per day as currently defined by TTN?

Hello everybody,
actually, i use RN2483A module for Class-A LoraWAN communication.

For a new application (Modbus LoraWAN converter), i need to use a class-C module (RX window always open for continous listening).
Do you know if RN2483 (with new firmware, i suppose…) will be class-C compatible ?
And if yes, when ?

Thank you, best regards,
Thomas RETAIL.

If you bother to check the microchip website you will find firmware version 1.0.5 which lists class C in the release notes.

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