RN2903 AU firmware

(Radhoo) #21

I did. They seem to be waiting for something on their turn too. I should have received something, at least this is what they said, so all they could do was to ping again.

I also reached directly to local Microchip RO contacts / friends as high as the CEO. Seems this (the AU915) is handled in Australia and no reply comes from there.

My customer even called Joseph, his number can be found online, who instead of sending over the HEX file instructed to contact Microchip RO again, or offered his assistance in doing the upgrade. He also added:
“In the future we hope to have an Australian module … in which your developer in Romania could order an Australian version (June 2018 we hope). Part No RN2903A-I/RMSA10 : Also someone with experience will need to configure the product to the local Australian LoRaWAN network it is connected to…”

This is such a big waste of time.


Wow, that sucks! I’ve got a bunch of RN2903 modules that I bought ages ago and that I really need to get working for AU now that I finally have my TTN gateways. Hopefully I don’t have to go through this much crap to get it sorted out.