Router drop - reason: no brokers

This is my first TTN setup. Hoping it’s something obvious - though I’ve had no luck figuring this out.
I’m using a RAK7258 gateway that was previously on a different network, forwarding packets to
The gateway is connecting to the TTN console but in traffic, it’s reporting “router ttn-router-us-west drop… reason: no brokers”. The devices are showing as ‘never seen’.
I understand that TTN is dropping the packet because it’s not being recognized as a TTN gateway. The Dev Address is showing as 48000002 - which is not a TTN address and the network is showing as “Gimasi”, a Swiss provider that I’ve never heard of. I’ve done a factory reset of the gateway - no change. Is it a matter of changing the Dev Address? Can I do that? Thanks

Dont think this is a gateway issue - its your node not configured for TTN. TTN back end system doing what would be expected and dropping a device it doesnt recognise - note GW’s are largely unthinking devices - they hear all LoRaWAN packets in range and forward to the registered back end - in this case the TTN LNS. It is then down to to the LNS to accept or reject the message as is happening here.

What is you device? Have you set up an APP in the Console? Added your device as a registration? Post more and we can give you pointers…

That’s good if it’s not likely to be the gateway. I have a Dragino LSN50 registered in the console - OTAA. Entered the devices EUI and App key.

I’m seeing join requests in the traffic:

Are you seeing join accepts? If not the appkey is probably mis-entered

No join accepts. It could well be the appkey. I’ve re-entered and am waiting to see more traffic.
I’ve been focusing on the gateway all this time.

Got it! I also reset my device and just received a join accept. Dev addr is now correct and it’s showing the correct network. Thanks!